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PI 4/20

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Privacy policy
When accesing the visulazation tool you agree upon knowing and accepting the terms of use and the privacy policy of the owner of the webpage through which you are accesing the digital publication.
The hybrid format that the viewer is visualizing modifies the size of the publication provided by the responsable of the same in order to make it fit the screen and permit certain functions that increases the usefullness of the original document that it is showing.
The viewer is simply reproducing the content that is the leagal property of the responsable for the publication.
All contents and links that you access through the viewer is under the sole responsability of the owner of the website or the responsable for the publication making the content and the opinions expressed in the same their reponsability exclusively.
This viewer is using web analytics tecnology that makes it possible for us to collect certain technical information like your Internet protocol, IP-adress, your computer's operating system, type of internet browser, your prefered language and country of origin, screen resolution, software version with which you are accessing aswell as the referring page adress when accessing the publication and the links being used while navigating the viewer.
The company which is the owner of the viewer and that is manageing it for its own purposes informs you that the viewer uses Cookies with the purpose of being able to offer you a personalized experience which is smooth and comfortable. When accessing this visualization tool you are informed that in order to control the service quality the above indicated technical data is obtained which in turn permits us to adjust the visualization to the technical requirements of all users and to normalize it periodically.
Also, the viewer controls and treats access data of the viewer, more specifically pages viewed, options and links used.
None of the data handeled and mentioned above involves personal data nor does it permit knowing the identity of the visitors.
The viewer handles and manages data which permits it to calculate the ecological footprint which is genereated through the use of the same. The system handles data regarding the printed publication in order to know and certify the saving of paper and the and the reduction of the greenhouse effect created by the original printed and distributed version while, at the same time, compensating for printed pages and copies made from the viewer upon request from the user.
None of the treatments of data mentioned above involves personal data nor do they permit knowing the identity of the visitors except for cases in which the user registers in the centralized CSR system and thereby gives the authorization of the specific and irrefutable treatment of data.
The viewer also treats statistical data of the publication on behalf of the owner of the same, like the number of visitors and users, with the purpose of producing relevant information for managing his/her printing and comunication policy and also facilitate the access to relevant technical and operational statistics regarding the visitors and users of publications contracted for the viewer.
Hybrid Publication provides general information, technical data, staistics for visitors, actions used and anonymos forms related to the publication to the responsable of the same. However, these general data and statistics do not include personal information except for cases where a service that modifies these conditions is contracted prior to the publication or where these kind of services are provided directly by the responsable without the paticipation of the manager of the viewer.
You can exercise your rights through contacting the responsable of the publication by following the indications concerning privacy policy in the website from which you have accessed the same.
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